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Stay Safe Online

It seems like every day we are hearing a new news story about credit card numbers being stolen or websites being hacked.  You can't turn on the news without being told that another large website was attacked and your usernames and passwords were compromised.  Are we even safe online?  Should I just go back to days of doing everything in person?  Well it is almost impossible to disconnect totally from online world, but we still need to be safe.

October is Cybe...

Posted by Edwin Lagarde at 10:02

Payments at the Speed of Life

May is Direct Deposit and Direct Payment Month, but what does that mean for us as everyday people?

Direct Deposit is the direct movement of funds from an employer's account to an employee's account electronically. Funds are available first thing in the morning on the day you are paid…no trips to the bank, no waiting in line, no waiting for check holds; even better you can use your debit card to purchase gas and morning coffee with that deposit on your w...

Posted by Rebecca Borders at 10:36

Life is Full of Changes

This morning as I went to make my normal breakfast of toast and eggs, I opened the pantry door to realize we were out of toast. How could this be?  I have eaten
the same breakfast for probably the last 5 years!  How could we be out of bread?  I asked my wife and she told me she bought bagels instead this time.  Yes, I had eaten bagels before, but I always ate toast with my eggs in the morning.  I am a creature of habit.  Well, guess what...

Posted by Edwin Lagarde at 16:12

Technology Makes Business Banking Easier

Your day is already stressful enough…do you really have to worry about making another trip to your local bank? 

Today, technology is making it easier to run your business.  So why not use technology to make it easier to do your business banking as well? 

There are plenty of different "tech-y" things that you can do to reduce the phone calls and the trips you make to your bank.  Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Bu...
Posted by Edwin Lagarde at 12:09

Paying Off That Holiday Debt

It's the beginning of January, some of us haven't taken down our Christmas decorations yet and this month's credit card statement is already in the mailbox.  Go ahead, take a look at it.  Let's hope the damage is not all too horrible.  With the interest rates on credit cards these days, most consumers need to pay-off their cards as soon as possible.  I know you are thinking to yourself, but how am I going to pay this off as soon as possible

Posted by Edwin Lagarde at 12:34