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Life is Full of Changes

This morning as I went to make my normal breakfast of toast and eggs, I opened the pantry door to realize we were out of toast. How could this be?  I have eaten
the same breakfast for probably the last 5 years!  How could we be out of bread?  I asked my wife and she told me she bought bagels instead this time.  Yes, I had eaten bagels before, but I always ate toast with my eggs in the morning.  I am a creature of habit.  Well, guess what? - I ate the bagel and I
loved it.  I think I will have a bagel again tomorrow morning with my eggs.  I
know that not all changes are this minor or this insignificant, but it is change.  Moral of my story…unless we go through the pain of the change, we may never find something better.

Changes can be big or they can be small; it's all about how we face these changes that will make the difference in the end. Here are a few steps to help you face a change head on:

 1.  Recognize that it is time for a change and prepare for it...

Have you been in the same situation or place for too long?  Is this the best place for you?  Is it time to change something about you or about things that affect you?  Why do you need to change?  Is change happening and there is nothing you can do about it?

Often times we can prepare ourselves for a change and we can get ourselves ready for it.  Sometimes the change happens before we realize and we have no choice but to face it head on.

2.  Look for the good in the change...

How can this change make me a better person? How will this affect me?  Will
this change have a positive effect on my life?

Even though most people view change as a bad thing, changes in life are not always bad.  They just always seem to get the bad rap.  The key is to look for what positive things can come from the change. 

3.  Embrace the change...

Accept the fact the change will happen whether or not you choose to accept it.  Open up and wrap your mind around the change.  By embracing it, the change will be easier to accept.  We have a tendency to hold onto the past, because it is familiar. Familiar things are good things so try to keep your routine somewhat
familiar during the change.  Do what you can to comfort yourself during the change.

4. Change is all about finally letting go...

The change has happened and it's all about letting go of the past now.  If you continue to perceive that things were better in the past or in the situation before; the change to the new way will never be perceived as better.  Once you
have accepted the new way of doing things, you will grow to accept the change
and see all that it has in store for you.

Changes in your life happen every day, some are small and some are monumental.  At American Gateway Bank we want to make change easy.  We know that people think changing banks can be a difficult process that's why we have developed an easy switch process for you.  We have what we call an "Easy Does It" online switch kit.  It is available on our website at This kit will give you all the information you need to change banks.  We also have dedicated Change Agents.  Our Change Agents are experienced and dedicated bank employees who will work with you in making your change to American Gateway Bank.  You can reach the Change Agents by email at or by phone at 225.368-2524.

Posted by Edwin Lagarde at 16:12