Additional Services

Because meeting all of your financial needs is our number one goal, in addition to checking and savings accounts, American Gateway Bank offers a full range of banking products and services.

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Internet Banking

FREE service for American Gateway Bank customers. Bank at your convenience 24/7. Access your accounts from your home computer or the office. Check your balance, transfer funds between accounts, verify payments, and more. Easy to use and always secure. If you already have an American Gateway Bank account, click here to enroll now and to view a demo.

Reminder about Internet Banking & Mobile Banking usage:  If you do not log into Internet Banking for 60 consecutive days, you will be assessed a Dormant Fee of $4.00/month until you log in again.  Mobile Banking log ins are not considered Internet Banking log ins.

Mobile Banking

Steps to Enroll:
American Gateway Bank Mobile Banking is available exclusively to American Gateway Bank Internet Banking customers. To sign-up for Internet Banking, please visit the e-Apply section on our Home page. Click on the Internet Banking link to begin enrollment.

To add Mobile Banking to your existing online banking account, get started below!

  • Login to your Internet Banking account and click the Other Services tab near the top of the screen. Then click MOBILE.
  • Read the Mobile Agreement Banking Agreement. This contains the terms and conditions of use. Check box next to "I Accept" and submit to continue.
  • Click on the Enroll link and enter the requested details, including a Mobile Login ID that you select, Mobile PIN that you select, and your Mobile Number.
  • Click Submit.
  • After you enroll, you will receive 2 text messages- the first requesting you to reply YES to finish your enrollment. The second will provide you with the URL for the Mobile Site.
  • Once you reply with YES, you will receive 2 more text messages: one confirming your enrollment, and then another providing you with the 6 digit SMS/text number for Mobile Banking.
    (Tip: Bookmark our mobile site in your favorites and add the text number to your phone's contact list so you can quickly access mobile banking without having to re-type it each time.)

iPhone App Download
The iPhone App is FREE and available now for Apple devices. To download the American Gateway Bank App, simply access the App Store from your mobile device and search for American Gateway Bank. Click "install" to download app. You will be asked to enter your iTunes account information to complete installation.

Android App Download
The Android App is FREE and available now for devices running the Android operating system. To download the American Gateway Bank Android App, simply access the Android Market from your mobile device and search for American Gateway Bank. Note: Must be enrolled for American Gateway Banking Internet Banking to connect Android App to account(s).

Blackberry App Download
Enter the following URL into your phone's browser:

Online Bill Pay


Receive your monthly bank statement electronically. It is safe, secure and can be saved on your computer for future reference. Plus, you will receive your statement the day it cuts. No more waiting for snail mail!

Bank by Phone - CHAT Line

Toll Free (800) 419-0450

FREE service for American Gateway Bank customers. Dial into your account from any phone, anywhere, any time. Your information is available 24/7. Call as many times as you need to - there is never a charge. Check your balance, transfer funds between accounts, verify payments, and more. Have your account number(s) ready when you call the CHAT Line. To set-up this service, contact a customer service representative at any location of American Gateway Bank. For a CHAT Line instruction guide, click here.

Debit Cards

Protect your personal information at the register by using a debit card instead of a paper check. Debit cards work just like a check but save you the cost of ordering and re-ordering paper checks. Debit cards can also be used at ATM's just like an ATM card.

  • If your debit card is lost or stolen, please call 1-800-500-1044.
  • If your transaction was denied, please check your available balance by calling the CHATLine at 1-800-419-0450 or sign-in to your Internet Banking.
  • If your balance is sufficient and your transaction was denied, your card may have been compromised. You may have received a call from our fraud monitoring service on your home telephone. Please check your phone messages. You can also call us during normal banking hours at (225) 387-0011 and ask to speak with a debit card specialist.

ATM Cards

An ATM card is convenient for making deposits (non-cash) and withdrawals during non-banking hours. You can also check your balance, make account transfers and more at any American Gateway Bank ATM. The American Gateway Bank ATM card is accepted at all PULSE and Cirrus network ATM's worldwide. Small monthly fee.

  • If your ATM card is lost or stolen, please call 1-800-500-1044.

VISA® Credit Cards

Apply for a VISA® credit card at any location of American Gateway Bank. Rates are determined by normal credit criteria. VISA® credit cards are accepted by most merchants in the United States as well as worldwide.

VISA® Gift Cards

Do you have a hard to buy-for friend or family member? Try our beautiful gift cards. These also make great office give-a-ways for contests and incentives. If you are a corporate customer and would like to personalize these for bonuses, please see a customer service representative and the order can be placed in advance. 

Travel Cards

Are you traveling and are concerned about security protocols? If you would prefer not to use cash or your debit card, you may choose to pre-load a travel card, up to $5000.00 and use it like a credit card or debit card, but with less risk. When your trip is over and the money spent, just throw the card away.

Reloadable Cards

Reloadable cards are like an account in a single or dual card. You can have your paycheck directly deposited to the card and just spend the money off the card. These cards help control spending. Cards can be reloaded in person, online, or via direct deposit.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe deposit boxes are a great way to protect important papers and other items. Boxes are available in a variety of sizes at these locations of American Gateway Bank: Coursey Boulevard, Jefferson Highway, Perkins Road, Florida Boulevard, Denham Springs, Gonzales, Port Allen, Brusly, Zachary and Erwinville. Annual rent is determined by box size. (Note: FDIC does not insure safe deposit contents).

Cashier's Checks

When a transaction requires a form of payment other than a personal check, American Gateway Bank can issue a cashier's check. Must be a current bank customer. Fees apply.

Money Orders

When a transaction requires a form of payment other than a personal check, American Gateway Bank can issue a money order for you. Must be a current bank customer. Fees apply.

Wire Transfers

Incoming, outgoing, and international wire transfers are available to American Gateway Bank customers. Fees apply.

Stop Payments

Should a situation occur where you need to stop payment on a check written on your American Gateway Bank checking account, simply stop in any location of American Gateway Bank and sign a stop payment receipt. It only take minutes. Fees apply.

Night Deposits

Service offered to American Gateway Bank customers that need to make multiple night deposits on a regular basis. Night deposit service available at all American Gateway Bank locations. Zipper bags and lock bags available. Fees for bags and key.

Account Balancing Assistance

For American Gateway Bank customers that need some help - a little or a lot - balancing their account(s). Minimum one hour. Fees apply.

Overdraft Protection

Service that links your checking account to either your savings account, or Money Market account or your Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) and transfers funds to cover overdrafts as needed.  The account transfer is automatically activated when you write a check or make a Point of Sale purchase for more than your available checking account balance.  With Overdraft Protection, you avoid having to pay NSF fess.  A low transfer fee will apply.

Overdraft Privilege

Overdraft Privilege helps protect you against having your items returned in the event of an inadvertent overdraft of your account by giving you a reserve for emergencies and unexpected situations.  There is no fee for having this privilege on your account; you are only charged if you overdraw your account.  You do not have overdraft privilege on your account until you receive written confirmation from us that it has been added to your account.  Please see a bank representative for more information on priviledge limits and fees. For information on better money management and avoiding overdrafts, click here.